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What is Approval Express?


Approval Express is an add-on utility that has been designed to speed up and enhance standard JD Edwards approval processes. Approval Express works with all standard email protocols to facilitate remote approvals seamlessly i.e. without the need to sign in to JD Edwards.

Every time a transaction is created within JD Edwards, an email is generated from within the system and directed to the appropriate approver or group of approvers. The email content will include a detailed description of the transaction (down to line item level and also in the form of an amalgamated group of line level requisitions, where appropriate) Detail will include; (e.g. for a purchase order) supplier, item(s), order location, currency and price. The approver can either accept or reject (in the case of a purchase order this can be at an individual line item level). The approval/rejection then returns in the form of an email reply which is then translated into a structured command that’s returned and recorded automatically within JD Edwards.


Mobile approval engine integrated with JD Edwards standard processes:


  • Simple to install – arrives as an application software update (ASU).
  • Minimal initial configuration in JD Edwards.
  • No software installation or configuration required on your laptop, phone or tablet.
  • The application has been designed to operate lightning fast and without complications.
  • We have used the latest data transfer compression techniques and minimal package sizes to allow Approval Express to transfer over 50 approval emails per second, even on the most basic infrastructure.
  • Streamlines existing approval processes.
  • Manages your business more efficiently.
  • Provides compliance to all audit requirements.


Providing Solutions to real business issues


Version 1 is an Oracle Platinum Partner specialising in all aspects of JD Edwards from implementations and upgrades, training, application consultancy, CNC technical services, managed services, hosting and support.


With the largest team of in-house JD Edwards experts in the UK, we passionately pursue a solution-oriented culture that seeks to overcome real business problems. In our discussions with JD Edwards clients, we were often asked for functionality that makes the approval process in JD Edwards more efficient, user-friendly and seamless.


Our solution was to develop Approval Express as an innovative added-value application, now used and recommended by leading companies in over 29 countries across the globe. Approval Express could be adding value to your business now!



Approval Process



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