What is Approval Express?
Approval Express uses e-mail to allow you to approve JD Edwards purchase orders, budget orders and invoices any time anywhere. Customised e-mails are passed from your JD Edwards system to your e-mail system, either on your Blackberry, Lotus notes, Microsoft exchange, Windows mobile or any mainstream e-mail system. Simply collect your e-mail in the usual way, press approve or reject & send. The JD Edwards system is updated automatically.

Approval express is fully integrated with JD Edwards approval processing;
even complex approval routes are supported.

Giving you a full audit trail, adding security, reminder e-mails, and in the latest version 2.7 also handles approval / release Budget held orders, adding even more functionality to this very successful product. In fact you can use approval express for deliveries / returns / shipments / sales / anything that needs confirmation.


  Programmable Interface
Approval Express provides far more functionality and flexibility, you may design your own outgoing e-mails (plain text or HTML) and use Approval Express to send the e-mails to your users.

Approval Express will then automatically receive and process any replies.

Email Compatability
Supports both extended MAPI for integration with MAPI compliant email systems such as Outlook, and also with VIM compliant email systems such as Lotus Notes.

Any PC with email can be used, so with a laptop and a mobile connection you can give your approval from anywhere.